Lancaster Poured Walls, Inc. (LPW), has been serving Lancaster County and the surrounding counties since 1994. LPW has been awarded Local Township, city, state, and federal contracts in Delaware, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia, because we are known a level of service that is focused on quality and efficiency.

LPW is a concrete construction company providing poured concrete walls for Agricultural, Commercial, Residential, and Industrial clients. As a concrete contractor we have repaired and built bridges, bridge abutments, basement footers, foundations and walls. In addition we have constructed small to large retaining walls, salt sheds, agricultural tanks and digesters. Also building commercial and industrial building footers, foundations and walls or cast in place concrete.

Our expertise is in residential, commercial, industrial and small to medium sized bridge construction and repair. Some of the type of contracts we have been awarded have been concrete basements, water treatment plants, livestock concrete pads, digester units, and manure storage tank contracts with NRCS approved designs and small or large retaining walls as well as custom home concrete construction.

In addition we provide concrete pumping for other concrete contractors as well as for our own concrete pump needs. Same company just a different name: Lancaster Concrete Pumping. Our pump truck reaches and extends to 41 meters. No job too small or too large for us to pump for.

When practical, LPW can also provide some excavating and water proofing services. This depends on the type of job. But we will consider each request made for excavating and water proofing.

LPW’s Mission:

To make the best use of our abilities, strengths, and energy so quality, efficiency and safety are reflected in our workmanship and the final product.

LPW’s Goal:

To find a way to get the job done as efficiently and within the budgeted timeframe if not sooner.

LPW’s Vision:

To become the “go to” poured concrete walls company in the industry because of quality, efficiency, and value brought to every job.

LPW’s Team:

Is hardworking, detail oriented, production focused, knowledgeable, and determined to exceed our customer expectations. Our work ethic is second to none and we maximize efficiency on every job, regardless of how small or large it may be.

LPW has poured concrete footers, foundations, and concrete slabs for water treatment plants, livestock concrete pads, digester units, salt sheds, fencing installation around our units, concrete sand storage units, gas, energy, and anaerobic digesters.

In addition to our residential, commercial, and industrial poured concrete walls, we have poured in place tanks that range in size from 8’ to 12’ high and as much as 130’ in diameter. Our largest tanks constructed have been 16’ high and 160’ in diameter.

LPW’s Core Values:

The values we live by day in and day out. This is what has our customers returning and referring us to others.
L = LEARN. Learn every day. Have a mindset to Learn. Learn from our successes, challenges, and from others!
P = PERFORMANCE. Perform consistently, correctly, efficiently, and safely day in and day out!
W = WORK. Work is our way of life. Work smarter, harder, and more efficiently than the day before to improve our skills!
T = THANKFUL. We are Thankful for what we have, what we have learned, and that we will continue to grow!
E = EVALUATE. Evaluate results, determine the necessary changes or improvements then apply!
A = ATTITUDE. Attitude makes the difference. Focus on what you can control. Have the find a way to get it done Attitude!
M = MEASURE. Measure against personal performance. Measure against the best. Measure and improve daily!
W = WILLINGNESS. Be willing to put what you know on the shelf and learn. Be willing to improve daily. Be willing to keep growing!
O = ORGANIZED. Organized thoughts, plans, efforts, and actions prepare us for more opportunities!
R = RESPONSIBILITY. Accept Responsibility for our actions, efforts, errors, challenges, and daily results!
K = KINETIC ENERGY. Keep moving until it is done right and efficiently. Get as much done in a day as possible!