LPW will work with the homeowners, developers, and/or GC’s and provide the foundation that is up to industry standards and to Federal and State codes. Whether it is just your footer or the foundation and walls, the proper equipment, tools, and precision total station units.
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Residential Services:

  1. Footers
  2. Foundations
  3. Walls
  4. Basements
  5. Retaining Walls
  6. Poured in Place Concrete Walls
  7. Excavation
  8. Water Proofing

Counties Served:

  1. Berks County, PA
  2. Chester County, PA
  3. Dauphin County, PA
  4. Lancaster County, PA
  5. Lebanon County, PA
  6. Montgomery County, PA
  7. Perry County, PA
  8. York County, PA


  1. Custom Homes
  2. Track Homes
  3. Contractor Homes
  4. Town Homes
  5. Condominiums
  6. Multi-Family Homes
  7. Concrete Wall Repair
  8. Concrete Water Proofing